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Luter Meza

Luter Meza is a dedicated practitioner of sacred sounds and meditation. Certified journalist with a focus on moderation and performance. Experienced musician and singing teacher with a focus on voice training, speaking techniques, overtone singing and various singing styles. Author of the book: "The nature of human sound."

Luter Meza has accompanied and taught professional singers, actors and yoga teachers for the last 25 years. As a young student he had the opportunity to explore some of the most impressive singing and chanting techniques from around the world. Over the course of his journey, he realized how essential it is for a yoga teacher or practitioner to be aware of all aspects of the healing sound of the voice.



- Professional musician and singing teacher


- Expert in vocal training and verbal communication, overtone singing and ancestral and ethnic singing styles.


- Graduate journalist specializing in moderation and performance for radio and television.


- Author of "The Nature of Human Sound".

Guitarra Latina

In Playa del Carmen, Mexico he met the great master of the flamenco guitar Paco de Lucia and his influence was crucial in the development of his own technique on the acoustic guitar, which he himself calls "Guitarra Latina".


Gregorian chant

Studied theology and musicology as well as Gregorian chant at the church music school in Detmold, Germany.


falsetto singing

Lessons in falsetto singing for medieval music with teacher and singer Teresa Paz in Havana, Cuba.


During his travels to Central America, he learned the Gariffuna singing style in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.


Overtone singing, bitonal tuning of the acoustic guitar with tablas and sitar

With Professor Jim Downey Harris (USA) he learned the bitonal tuning of the acoustic guitar for playing together with tablas and sitar. Through intensive engagement with this style, he came closer to oriental singing techniques, for which he has great respect and admiration. Learning overtone singing, using techniques from Mongolia, Tuva and Tibet, in which he invested many years of practice, in combination with African singing techniques from New Guinea and Tanzania formed the foundation for the development of his own teaching concept. This knowledge is implemented in his solo project “Mystic Blue Bird”.


Based in Zurich, Switzerland, he founded the Skyvoices Institut singing school in 2002. He teaches at various institutions and music schools and conducts seminars and workshops on voice training, verbal communication and overtone singing in Europe and Mexico. 


The Nature Of Human Sound

In 2006 Luter Meza published the book "The Nature of Human Sound". The book was a great success and to this day forms the basis for vocal training for numerous singing students, actors, presenters and teachers.

He is currently working on his new album “Volando Rumba - Ave Solar” and his solo project “Mystic Blue Bird”.

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